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Elementary Mathematics

Individualized Instruction: We provide individualized direct instruction and consistent and structured practice in all of the areas of your child's Math curriculum from Kindergarten up through fifth grade. By tailoring our method of instruction to the individual needs of each of our students we are able to help them not only master each skill, but also apply the mastery of that skill to their school setting. In short, the whole point of our methods of instruction are to equip each of our students with the necessary skills and confidence needed to be able to succeed in their schoolwork independently.

Homework Support: By having our own organized curriculum we are able to provide each student with consistent and sequential practice in their particular areas of focus. We also provide homework support, which is especially useful if a student is struggling in their classwork. For example, if a student is struggling with rounding to the nearest thousand in their schoolwork, we are able to provide targeted instruction for that skill to support the student's classroom work.

Test Preparation: This flexibility in our instructional time can also help our students prepare for upcoming tests in math. If a student has an upcoming test in a skill in which they are struggling, we can provide direct instruction in that skill to help the student better prepare for their test.