Allen Education Center Every Child Deserves to Feel Success Helping over 1,100 students from Pre-K to 11th grade


The Allen Education CenterInitial Testing Session: $99 - This includes the initial testing session with the student, the conference to review the testing results with the parents, a printed evaluation of the testing results, and correspondence with the child's classroom teacher(s).

Tutoring Session: $38 per one-hour tutoring session, with your choice of two, three, or four sessions per week. A minimum of 2 sessions per week are required.

Monthly Payments: Families are billed monthly with pre-payment before the month begins. There is no long-term contract to sign.

The Allen Education CenterScheduling: Hours of instruction are from 2:30PM to 7:30PM, Monday through Friday, in one hour teaching sessions during the school year. Morning tutoring sessions are also available in the summer.