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Reading Decoding

Reading decoding refers to a student's ability to orally decode, or sound out, words on a page. If you have a child in Kindergarten who is having difficulty mastering letter names or letter sounds, or if you have a child in elementary school who is having difficulty reading homework assignments, this may indicate that he or she is having a problem with reading decoding. Also, if your child prefers to depend on you to do the reading aloud or if he or she avoids reading all together, this could indicate that there is an issue with reading decoding.

For the vast majority of students who come to us to develop their reading decoding skills, once they are reading on grade level we find that they begin to flourish, both in school and in their independent reading time. The best praise that we hear from parents is, "My child used to never want to read, but now they love reading and want to read all the time." No matter how many times we hear that, and we hear that from a lot of our parents, it still makes us smile knowing we have helped a child develop confidence in their reading skills and a love of reading.

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension refers to the student's ability to understand and answer questions about a selection of text they have read. If your child is able to read all the words in a selection of text with a high degree of accuracy and a steady pace, but they are not able to recall information they have just read, they may be having difficulty with their reading comprehension.

Our reading comprehension program consists of teaching our students to create imaged gestalts, or pictures, of text that they read. When students are taught to visualize what they are reading, those visual images are immediately transferred into their long-term memory, which they can then access to answer questions from the story. Unfortunately many students are never taught this skill, and they subsequently rely on memorizing the words on the page to try to understand the text they have read.