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Secondary Mathematics

Junior High Mathematics: We use the diagnostic and skills testing session to pinpoint each child's specific academic strengths and weaknesses, and our secondary mathematics curriculum is highly organized based on each individual topic encountered in grades 6, 7 and 8. In addition, we provide multi-sensory instruction to each student based on their specific academic needs.

Homework Support: Because the curriculum in these grades is more difficult, we allow more of the instructional time to specific homework support than we do to our younger students. This is especially useful if a new topic has just been introduced, if the student is encountering difficulty in their schoolwork, or if they have an upcoming test they need to study for. Having all of our curriculum organized by skill gives us the flexibility to focus more of the teaching hour on each student's specific academic needs. In addition, we have found that very often the difference between a report card grade of 65 -70 and a report card grade of 85-90 is nothing more than a couple extra hours a week of focused support in the child's specific areas of concern.

9th-11th grade Mathematics - Integrated Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry: We devote a great deal of the instructional time to helping the students with their homework. This is made easier because we use the same textbooks as they have in school. We also offer test preparation and Regents Prep work for our high school students.